Built and designed with the Dentist in mind.


The EndoPilot redefines endodontic equipment. It integrates electronic root length determination, mechanical canal preparation and obturation into one modular unit.

Built and designed with the dentist in mind, each of its components operate independently or in combination with one another. All components are located in one place, in one small box and powered by one foot control switch.

All of the EndoPilot components are controlled from an intuitive touch screen display. Menu navigation is fast, simple and keeps all of the customizable controls only a finger touch away.

The EndoPilot components include an electronic Apex Locator, an endodontic Rotary Electronic Motor, a DownPack heat instrument, and a gutta percha thermoplastizing BackFill Gun. The components are available in various combinations and the unit is fully upgradeable, so EndoPilot can grow with your needs.



A new standard of digital root length determination that allows quick and precise canal length measurement.

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Heating in a matter of seconds the compact, light Downpack handpiece guarantees optimal handling.

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The Backfill handpiece with pistol grip ensures optimal control over the filling process.

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The patented measuring function, the customizable torque and rotary speed control, and much more, ensures ultimate control.

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